End of Year Jury

Inter Unit 8 End of Year Jury will be on Monday 23rd of May in the Lecture Hall. Our visiting critics will be Adam Kaasa (Royal college of Arts, LSE), Lara Belkind (Harvard GSD), Jerry Tate (Tate Hamer Architects), Umberto Bellardi Ricci (AAFoundation), Miraj Ahmed (AADiploma 1), Rob Stuart Smith (AA DRL), Brendon Carlin (A Inter 6), Eduardo Rico (AA Landscape Urbanism Director), Ryan Neiheiser (Diller and Scofidio-AA First Year)and Ana Araujo (AA Inter 2).




Tutorials W4 3T

Tutorials at the beginning of the week we will have the final check on sections and plans (1/500 for Second Years and 1/250 for 3rd years), and we will start reviewing your views of the building (minimum 2) and new models (site and housing detail models).

The tutorials will be as follows,

Monday 16th of May
2.00 Alvaro
2.30 Omer
3.00 Fang
3.30 Irene
4.00 Ali
4.30 May

Tuesday 17th of May
2.00 Jessica
2.30 Molly
3.00 Aoi
3.30 Joyce
4.00 Tommy
4.30 Clara


Tutorials W3 3T-2

CPB_150708_ 2a_V5Final checks plan and sections and review of draft perspectives will be on next tutorials as follows,

Thurday 12th of May
3.00 Jessica
3.30 Alvaro
4.00 Joyce
4.30 Irene
5.00 Omer
5.30 Clara
6.00 May

Friday 13rd of May
10.00 Ali
10.30 Molly
11.00 Aoi
11.30 Tommy
12.00 Fang

Whole Unit (compulsory for Second Years)

From 2pm to 6pm there will be an induction on rendering at the computer room 39 First Floor Front by Hao Wen Lim. Please prepare your Rhino 3D models and draft perspectives for this class.


Responsiveness of buildings design to its users will be explored through different scenarios inside, out and insideout by employing atmospheric drawings, such as perspectives, sections and rendering stills. These images will include the immediate context of Lima urban fabric and interior space created. These scenarios are also an opportunity to work with different building users, interior environments and the impact of circulation main trajectories. Past and present, collapsing of different social classes and intersection of private/public spaces will be expressed .


Tutorials W3 3T

Tutorials next Tuesday 10th of May, we will give a final review to plans and section (1/500-Printed) and check some draft perspectives of your building. Tutorials will be as follows,

Morning (from 10 to 1pm) – Alvaro, Omer, Fang, Irene, Ali and May

Afternoon (from 2pm to 6pm) – Molly, Jessica, Tommy, Aoi, Clara and Joyce